We’ve made the set-up so simple with Peer-to-Peer Technology

Connecting the DVR to your favourite devices is made simple with an app that is available from iTunes and Google Play. Simply connect your DVR to the cameras and router, download the free app and scan the QR code located on your DVR. Then let the app do its thing, allowing you to connect your system in seconds to your compatible iOS or Android Device.

To ensure you don’t miss anything, configure the DVR to send you email alerts wherever you happen to be, with a JPEG image attached of any activity or motion.

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Simple Plug-and-Play Installation – No Expert Help Required

When Polhill was established over 50 years ago , it was initially focused on selling products to London’s Covent Garden Flower Market then within 2 years Polhill expanded into other product categories. Today Polhill employs 160+ full and part-time staff across its branches and has diversified in to several different retail markets supplying over 200,000 lines to the public.

Having amassed a wealth of experience in security, CCTV and access control to protect its staff and assets Polhill decided to enter the domestic and small business CCTV sector, with the introduction of HomeVuHD, a new range of cameras and recording equipment that have been developed and designed to not require a professional installer to fit them.

DIY Surveillance Market

Market research suggests that the consumer and DIY surveillance market is rapidly growing (source: IHS Research) in 2015. Having tested and installed several “so-called” DIY CCTV kits over the years, we were frustrated by how complex they were to install, particularly the process of connecting the DVR to the Internet so that you can monitor and play back recordings remotely. It literally drove us insane at how simple it was to install the cameras and run the cables and how ridiculously difficult it was to change router settings and to set up a static IP address to allow remote viewing.

Bring forth HomeVuHD

While Polhill continues to develop new professional products for its security side of the business, we now offer a complete range of DIY surveillance equipment called HomeVuHD, which we have had designed and manufactured so that anyone can fit it with no prior networking or CCTV knowledge. Merging the latest in computing and CCTV technology the HomeVuHD range is able to give you a feature rich product in one where as else where in the industry you would have to purchase several options to get the same result. 

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